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2017 Radical Research Summit

2017 Radical Research Summit

The Radical Research Summit is a one-day event for some of the Pacific Northwest’s brightest user research minds to meet and share powerful ideas about research methods, usability testing, user experience, ethnography, and user-centered design.


Niiu Digital - Remote testing

5 Tips for Better Remote User Testing

Usability research professionals are increasingly using remote testing to allow their clients to reach a broader base of participants at lower cost. However, it can be tricky and frustrating.


Niiu Digital - We Love Prototyping

We LOVE to prototype

Prototypes can be used for things like conceptualizing new ideas, validating new ideas & A/B testing. They are fast, cost-effective & bring ideas to life.


Niiu Digital - User Testing

What is user testing anyway?

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and uncover opportunities to innovate and enhance products and services.


Niiu Digital - UX design is your secret weapon

UX is your secret weapon

Customer expectations are higher than ever and with disruptive new services coming into the market at a rapid rate, UX is a critical element of success.


Niiu Digital - SXSW Interactive 2015 highlights

SXSW Interactive 2015 Highlights

Elynn Lorimer’s experience at SXSW Interactive – a 5 day technology & culture love fest based in Austin TX.


Technology Love and Addiction - Niiu Digital Inc.

Technology love and addiction

People’s relationship with technology is changing everything.


Niiu Digital - Joygasms, kudos and commas

Joygasms, kudos and commas

What is the connection between dopamine in the brain and app engagement?