We help our clients deliver exceptional digital products and services, by providing a full range of UX strategy, research and design services.


UX strategy creates a vision for customer experience that defines and differentiates your brand. It connects the dots between your business goals, brand, product and technical capability.


Research is the cornerstone of customer centric organizations. It brings you closer to your customers and provides a solid foundation for product design decisions.


UX design is about solving problems and creating things that serve people’s needs. It is an iterative process of designing, testing and refining to deliver value to your customer based on your business objectives.

Working with us

Our clients trust us to deliver research and design work that has impact. Every project is backed by senior consultants, who have extensive product, design and/or research experience.

We work on ecommerce and self-service portals, enterprise apps, kiosk, mobile, AR/VR interface design, content strategy, customer experience benchmarking and bespoke UX design and research services.

Our approach

Human centered

The user is at the heart

We put the user at the centre at every stage of product development.


Grounded in data

We bring data insights into the design process through analytics, user research and external data sources.


The right talent on your team

UX can be a cohesive force within the context of product development, supporting business, technical and customer objectives.

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SEP 21/16Joel Tougas

We LOVE to prototype

Prototypes can be used for things like conceptualizing new ideas, validating new ideas & A/B testing. They are fast, cost-effective & bring ideas to life.

SEP 20/16Elynn Lorimer

What is user testing anyway?

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and uncover opportunities to innovate and enhance products and services.

JAN 22/16Elynn Lorimer

UX is your secret weapon

Customer expectations are higher than ever and with disruptive new services coming into the market at a rapid rate, UX is a critical element of success.