UX design is about solving problems and creating things that serve people’s needs. It is an evolving, iterative process that’s part art and part science.

Our design services

We work with clients on large portal redesign and feature enhancement projects, enterprise mobile apps and new product concepts.

Information architecture & content analysis

Organize and structure content in a way that maps to your audience’s mental models and supports intuitive navigation and easy access to relevant information.

User interface design

Enable your customers to engage with your product and service in ways that with minimal friction by creating a design framework and interface that anticipates their needs and expectations.

Art direction / visual design / content creation

Incorporate solid design principles that reinforces your brand and presents information in a visually compelling and engaging way.

App design – web, mobile and wearables

Ensure your customer can engage with you across different devices and screen formats and consider how content will be displayed and how to manage updates and enhancements across multiple devices.


Bring your ideas to life using prototyping. Experiment with different design approaches, content and screen layouts, get feedback from stakeholders and customers and iterate.

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Our clients

BC HydroHRM Space Centre

Our design practice

Niiu’s designers are skilled across the UX spectrum, with specialists in information architecture, user interface design, visual design and prototyping. We bring a talented team to each project to create experiences that resonate.

Our process

Good design evolves. We get design ideas out early and continue to iterate. Feedback from business stakeholders, technical teams and users all helps to shape and refine the design.

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SEP 21/16Joel Tougas

We LOVE to prototype

Prototypes can be used for things like conceptualizing new ideas, validating new ideas & A/B testing. They are fast, cost-effective & bring ideas to life.

SEP 20/16Elynn Lorimer

What is user testing anyway?

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and uncover opportunities to innovate and enhance products and services.

JAN 22/16Elynn Lorimer

UX is your secret weapon

Customer expectations are higher than ever and with disruptive new services coming into the market at a rapid rate, UX is a critical element of success.