UX strategy defines a vision for customer experience that connects the dots between business goals, brand, product and technical capability.

Our strategy services

We help clients effectively track and measure digital channel performance and use design thinking to solve problems, differentiate their products and service, and explore ideas.

Current state assessment / UX benchmarking

Benchmark your product or digital channel performance to track and measure progress as you continue to enhance and innovate.

Content & device strategy

Establish a framework for content creation, delivery and governance across digital channels and devices, as a foundational element of digital strategy.

Customer journey mapping

See the world through your customer’s eyes and bring stakeholders together to create a common vision for what a great end-to-end experience would look like.

Product concepting

Support product innovation in a cost-effective way by testing the feasibility of concepts through storyboards and prototypes, challenging and sparking different approaches, testing and iterating.

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Our clients

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Our strategy practice

Strong track record

Niiu has a track record in digital product design and offers strategic services to support business decision-making.

Collaborative approach

We do this through workshops, stakeholder interviews, research, analysis and assessment. We look for inspiration across industries or across the globe to bring our clients different perspective.

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SEP 21/16Joel Tougas

We LOVE to prototype

Prototypes can be used for things like conceptualizing new ideas, validating new ideas & A/B testing. They are fast, cost-effective & bring ideas to life.

SEP 20/16Elynn Lorimer

What is user testing anyway?

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and uncover opportunities to innovate and enhance products and services.

JAN 22/16Elynn Lorimer

UX is your secret weapon

Customer expectations are higher than ever and with disruptive new services coming into the market at a rapid rate, UX is a critical element of success.