UX is your secret weapon

How does UX design become your company’s secret weapon in an age of disruption?

A lot of product managers have realized that User experience design expertise isn’t just ‘nice to have’ anymore.  With cloud services, social media and multi-screen delivery, the nature of digital products and services has changed dramatically. Customer expectations are higher than ever and with disruptive new services coming into the market at a rapid rate, User experience design is a critical element of continued success.

This slide presentation is an overview of a roundtable discussion facilitated by Elynn Lorimer and Sheila Mackenzie, two people with deep roots in product and UX design. Topics include how to incorporate UX design practices into product management to reduce risk, increase sales, improve stakeholder buy-in and deliver great products your customers love.

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by Elynn Lorimer
CEO & Senior Consultant
Niiu Digital Inc.

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